Who Am I?

I am a mind-blowing awesome person with superhuman traits.. kidding.
I am just a guy next door with a simple lifestyle and no sense of fashion whatsoever.
But with gadgets, video games, servers, and other forms of technology - I am always up to date.
I spend minutes (20-30) choosing clothes and days (literally) researching before finally purchasing my next tech product.
I pass my time trying the latest apps and software that claim to make our life smarter, more manageable.
On the professional side of things, I am an aspiring content writer with loads of hands-on experience in creating content for the world wide web.

My background

    About 1

    I am enjoying my days off 9.5 hours of office duty! Yes, I worked as a Quality Analyst & Coach in a call center. Shift stretched for 9.5 hours or sometimes even more... I enjoyed only one aspect of my job - the coaching bit. Making noobs understand tech so that they can help our customers.

    Becoming a father was the breaking point for me to start looking for better, less time-consuming alternatives. Luckily, that wasn't difficult as I already had loads of experience playing with WordPress - a blogging platform. I blogged in my free time but never tried monetizing the hobby.

    Time had come to make good use of my Search Engine Optimization skills, and years of experience writing reader-friendly, search engine optimized content. Albeit for money and fun (seriously, not trying to justify my choice).

    So here I am - A father, a husband, a techie, a writer, a freelancer and of course - always available (subject to availability) for your content needs.

    My Mission Statement

    Your Search Ends Here!

    To achieve your business goals through compelling content that your customers and prospects will find informative, entertaining, engaging, and persuasive.

    My core values


    “Simplicity is the essence of happiness.” - Cedric Bledsoe

    Life should be like that of small children - Innocent, stress free and very much enjoyable.

    I try to acheive maximum levels of simplicity by spltting complicated matters into smaller, easy to achieve tasks.

    My writing style reflects the same value - no matter how complicated is the concept, I make it simple for easy understanding of general audience.


    “Integrity is not something you show others. It is how you behave behind their back.” - Anonymous

    Expect me to be the guardian of your secrets, the doer of right things and a weilder of protec.22tive shield - protecting your information from the predators in the wild web!

    I want to florish your business to increase my business to improve our standard of living! I am here for the long run, not a one time jackpot thing. I am here for your business, forever - powered by integrity!


    “Responsibility finds a way. Irresponsibility makes excuses!” - Gene Bedley

    I never crib, make an excuse or blame others if things don't go as expected. I take full responsibility of everything that matters to prevent bad situations, and if need be.. resolve such situations with personal attention, dedication and mindfulness.

    It may sound selfish but.. my business runs on your business which makes me responsible for it too. Expect the same responsible behavior.




    “It is difficult to prove yourself reliable when people are required to wait for you.” - Wes Fesler

    I understand how frustrating it is to wait for someone or something in today's super busy lives. I have to bear the occassional frustration of long waits which seem to be never ending to get services from different professionals - like electrician, plumber, etc..

    I hate to be the person on the other side, so I ensure I am punctual to whatever I commit. I may ask for extra time at the beginning i need be, but never reach the point to get people to wait for me.

    My work process

    KNOW youR business

    Contact me via email, chat, or call. I will take a short interview with precise questions to help me help you in a better way. You can ask me questions too, or give me special instructions that can help you further.

    You can either give me a straightforward assignment with specific requirements or give me the freedom to plan a content strategy as per your business goals.

    Be it a simple content writing work or a content strategy planning work; I will study your business, your customers, and your competitors. The more I know, the better the outcome.

    I will create a mind-map of all the gathered information and move on to the core work. Worry not, the entire Know Your Business process is streamlined so it won’t take much time.

    write effective content

    I will create a strategic Content Calendar with all the critical dates in mind. This will help deliver the right content at the right time to the right audience - thus, increasing ROI - Return on Investment.

    I will do a thorough Keyword Research to know what target audience is searching for, what are the questions they ask, and what information they expect from us. So we know what they want, and we deliver what they want = win-win situation!

    I will draft the structure of the content, starting with benefit driven headlines, headings and sub-headings based on the topics to cover. A rough copy of content will follow, with relevant images, links, etc...


    I will edit, proofread, refine, optimize, and what not to ensure the final copy is compelling, attention-grabbing, and converting. I will email the copy to you or directly enter it as a WordPress draft. You can request revisions if required (fat chance :P).

    continous improvement

    I love feedback, even critical feedback. Please give me your review of my writing, my service, and your experience dealing with me. Please take some time out to respond to post service surveys.

    I am open to improvements, learning opportunities, and self-development. Being a tech hobbyist, I am always up to date with the latest technological developments that can benefit my clients or me.

    I invest both time and money in education. My motto, when it comes to personal growth through education is - Grow to exist. Exist to grow.

    The preceding 3 points ensure loads of benefits for your business through continuous learning and updating processes, skills, and strategies to keep up the pace with ever-changing times! Trust me - THIS IS NO LIP SERVICE but FACTS! 


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