How to reduce GIF file size online? [With Free & Fast GIF file size reducer]

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Today, you will learn how to reduce GIF file size through a free, fast & online GIF file size reducer. This way, you can optimize GIF for the web, sharing on social media, and emailing.

I will show you an example of a GIF that was reduced from 33.3MB to 13.42MB with just a few clicks.

All in all, with the method shown in this tutorial, you can easily reduce GIF file size without any need to purchase or buy expensive software.

The entire process is so easy and so fast that it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. This is assuming that you’re not on a dial-up connection. Of course, you’re not. Or are you?

Watch how to reduce GIF file size online on YouTube:

Why should you optimize GIFs?

An animated GIF is as useful as a video explaining computer stuff to someone else. Still, it is much smaller than a video and very easy to share.

But I’ve noticed that if the GIF is too long, with lots of action happening on the screen, the file size will just blow up.

Did you know that GIF was developed in 1987, almost 6 months before the release of Windows 2.0!
How to reduce GIF file size online? [With Free & Fast GIF file size reducer] 5
GIF File Size Limitations as per Social Sharing Platforms

How to optimize GIF online?

Reduce GIF File Size Online - Proof Image

Let me show you this example gif, which is the named “Large gif”.

This GIF file is 33.3 megabytes. Click here to download this GIF.

I want to share this file through WhatsApp, but WhatsApp has a 16-megabyte file size limitation.

Let’s see what we can do.

1. Go to EZGif screenshot

First, let’s go to

Then click on GIF Optimizer > Click Choose File.

2. Upload the large GIF

Screenshot - Uploading large GIF

Browse to the location of the large GIF file that needs size-reduction,

Click on the file (GIF to be optimized) that you want to open and click Open, and then you need to click on Upload.

Remember: Unlike other platforms, choosing a file will not upload it automatically. You have to click on Upload to upload.

For this example, I am uploading a 33.3MB GIF file.

Uploading the GIF may take a minute or two, depending on your internet connection and the number of visitors is receiving at that particular time.

So wait 1-2 minutes for the upload process to finish.

3. GIF Optimization Settings

Screenshot - GIF optimization Settings

OK, so our GIF file is uploaded, and you will see a preview of the GIF file that we just uploaded.
All you need to do is click on Optimize.

Scroll down and select Lossy GIF, leave the compression level to 35, and click on Optimize GIF.

The compression level of 35 should give you decent visual quality with smaller file size. If you have time, you can experiment between compression levels 30 & 200. Level 200 is extreme compression with an easily noticeable reduction of GIF quality, while level 30 will give you an unnoticeable degradation of quality, albeit lesser file size reduction.

After you click on Optimize GIF, it will take around 3 to 4 minutes for the file optimization process.

You will see a dancing cat while we wait for the optimization to happen.

4. Save the Optimized GIF File

Save the compressed GIF

Here we go.

Your reduced GIF file is now ready for download.

In this example, I have a 13.42-megabyte file. Most of the Social Sharing sites allow 13MB file to be shared, so I am saved.

For now, let me save this file.

Click Save to save the file on your computer.

You can rename this file to your liking. I’ll rename it as a Large file reduced.

And Save it.

Go to the saved GIF location and open it to check the quality of the GIF after compression.

In my example, the GIF file size reduced by 60% with hardly any noticeable difference in visual quality.

So from here on, I can open WhatsApp on my computer and share the file with my friend with ease.

So today you’ve learned how you can reduce GIF file size online to make sharing faster and easier.

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