Various forms of targeted content customized as per your business needs. And hey, it is content full of value - no fluff!

Content Writing Services

Content Writing

Search Engine Optimized content focusing on modern-day readers with a short attention span and loads of alternatives at disposal.


Extensively researched topic and keywords

Clear and concise writing - no redundancy

Written for human readers, optimized further for Search Engine Bots

Content Planning

Customized Content Planning based on your Marketing Strategy.


Strategic Content Calender

Audience Persona Creation

Non-pushy Sales Journey Planning

Content Strategy and Planning Services

Landing Pages and Sales Journeys

Landing Pages

Conversion focused Sales Pages; Membership Sign Up Pages and Product Awareness Pages.


Written with Human Psychology in mind

Generates Trust and Value in readers

Tailored experiences as per buyer personas

I have loads of experience in long-form, comprehensive content!

Long Form Content

2000+ words comprehensive articles and blog posts provide excellent value to your readers

Readers find what they need in one place, without hopping between websites in Google results page

Make readers bookmark your website as they consider it as a comprehensive resource in your niche

Increase on-page time, returning visitors, and social media shares; Reduce bounce rate and exit rate.

Turn your readers into fans as they find value in your content & start trusting your brand: trustworthiness = more customers, more sales.

Long Form Content

Types of Content Writing

Content Writing is a broad term. Here's my expertise/ niche within Content Writing -

Blog Posts

A blog is a superb combination of marketing, awareness creation, and engagement. It is like combining Wikipedia with Google Ads & Facebook. Your readers will gain knowledge, engage with other readers through comments, and share the message of your brand with their friends on social media. I can write engaging and enlightening blog posts as part of an excellent marketing strategy.

Research Articles

Research articles provide science-backed, unbiased, in-depth knowledge on a particular topic. If your business is in the health niche, then research articles are a great way to showcase the benefits of your product - all backed by scientifically proven claims. I can write systematic research articles for your products and guess what? I do all the research work with proper citations to the original scientific journal.

Tech How To's

If you are a software developer, SaaS provider, or an app developer, tech how-tos will help your readers make the most out of your products/ services. Self-help through product guides can also reduce contacts to customer service and complaints department. I can write easy to follow, step by step walkthroughs for your customers to eliminate any need for them to contact your customer service team.

Product Reviews

Honest, unbiased product reviews are a great way to build a fan base. Additionally, you can upsell your own products and services which can complement/ enhance the product being reviewed. Product reviews are also a great way to earn affiliate commissions as a side income to your primary business. I can write in-depth product reviews covering the needs of the customer and the benefits the product offers.

Sales Journeys

Sales journeys are the revenue generators for your business. I can help you plan the sales journey and write the final sales page to convert readers into subscribers and then into customers. You can also benefit from re-targeting customers who left the sales journey without buying your product. I design all sales journeys with human psychology in mind for better conversion rates.


If you are a tech business, then I would definitely recommend getting a whitepaper written for your product. I can write a whitepaper which describes the problem at hand, available solutions, and how your product is the best solution for that problem. I can further discuss all the nitty-gritty of your product to promote the proven benefits and convert the reader into a customer.

Free of Plagiarism!

With APA or Chicago Style Citations in research-backed factual articles.

WordPress Assistance

WordPress Management


WordPress Security
WordPress Cache Setup
Contact Form 7 Setup

Make full use of my 6 years of experience with the WordPress platform. I can help you with WordPress setup, backups, performance tuning, and troubleshooting.


SEO setup

Keyword Research

Google Search Console Setup
Google My Business Setup

Need more than just SEO content? I can audit your website for SEO issues and even help you improve SEO based on Google recommended best practices. 

That's All Folks! That's all the services you can benefit from!

Bottom line: + the added advantage of WordPress experience!